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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

RV #3 !

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Hi from upstate NY!
Herman and I took the plunge about a month ago and bought a used 2011 Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28Br, class a, diesel pusher. We're the 3rd owners. The 1st owners from Florida put 11k miles on it. Then, they sold it to a dealer in Florida and it ended up being bought by a couple in Vermont. They put just 8k miles on it and sold it. It's only got 19k miles on it.

It's the smallest class A, diesel pusher made. I've spoken with the original owner. He says that people buy a small RV at first and then quickly realize they want something bigger. 28 ft (inside length) isn't that big. Our first RV was the 21.5 ft long Rialta. Then we went to the 24.5 foot long Winnebago View and now we're up to a 28 footer.

Maybe we should skip all this upgrading nonsense and just go buy a 45 footer with 7 TVs, a washer & dryer and 450hp Cat engine!? Anyone got a 1/2 a million dollars we can borrow?

Our new RV is awesome but it is slow, heavy and underpowered compared to our Winnebago view. We've put a few hundred miles on it & slept one night in it so far. I'm getting used to driving it. Driving a wide, diesel pusher is quite a different than driving our last, smaller, class B+ RV.

We're getting a few issues worked out (under warranty) and then it'll be ready for serious use.

1. The air leveling system isn't working properly. Instead of the hydraulic arms that get stuck in the mud, :) It has airbags on each wheel that are supposed to blow up and deflate depending on the terrain it is parked on. I think the system has come out of adjustment because it doesn't seem to know where level is.

2. The RV sort of wanders around the lane while driving. This should be solved by a full alignment and airing up the tires to 85lbs. It's in the shop today having that done. They're going to check the front end over closely for any other problems.

3. I'm having a certified international service center check the engine for any issues that might cause low power. Even though it runs great, I'm convinced that something is wrong. My scanguageD is telling me that the max horsepower it is seeing from the engine is 175hp and max turbo boost is around 25psi. The engine is supposed to be putting out 215hp and I'm not sure what the boost number is supposed to be. The scangauge could be inaccurate but I doubt it is 40hp off in its reading. On 6/13 we will know for sure.

Movie night in the RV

I think we'll probably get out to the west coast this winter. It's been almost 3 years since we did that last. That's just too long. I'm getting the itch to travel. See you all out there!


  1. Very nice rig!!! Tigger will have so much more room now!!!Let me know when you head west, I will be in Illinois and will a place for you to park for a night!

  2. Blacksheep thank a lot. Sadly, we had to have my best buddy, Tigger put to sleep om 5/5/14... a few weeks ago. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do. His hind end had completely failed. He couldn't walk or control his bodily functions for the last 8-10 months. I carried him in and out of the house daily & nightly to do his business. I don't think he was in much pain but his life wasn't what a dogs life should be. He's in a better place playing with his buddy Spike... our other dog that we had for 10+ years also.

    We're going to try being pet free for a while and see how that goes.

  3. My friend has a nice 45' - every time he takes it for a drive around the block he has to feed $1,000 into the ATM - next to his stearing wheel. In your case a $500 bill should be enough. The ATM in my trailer eats a few hundred whenever I pull out of the driveway. BTW - its much easier to read your blog "without the fancy script"

    In regards to your dads wheelchair GM - does not sell parts direct , but one of their dealers should be willing to sell you the parts you need. Same with RV manufactures - most will refer you to get your parts from the dealer. If you were a dealer you might be more then pissed - if the factory sold direct after you invested a large amount to set up your shop with them.

  4. Hey guys not bad, I found a 2011 with only 8600 miles asking $99 - maybe ill have to get one too if I can get my trailer painted to match. check it out ! Dealer should be willing to do $70k for cash deal - cant wait to see how your adventure turns out.

  5. Hey Don, I JUST found this post, somehow I missed it. You must not be on the road yet or there would be more posts. Anyway, your new rig is gorgeous, and I like the size. If I ever upgrade from my 24-foot Class C, that's what I'd want, a short Class A. I'm very curious how you are enjoying it and looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

    I'm sorry about Tigger. It's always so sad to lose a beloved pet. :( Traveling pet-free might be good for a while to see how that goes before you take on another pet.

    Congrats on the new rig!!