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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Almost a year ago...

Your Ad Here Wow, has it been that long since Tigger and I returned home from out last RV journey? It doesn't seem like it but it has been almost a year.

We've all gotten a bit older and our bones a bit more creaky since then. Tigger sleeps a lot these days.

Things are good for Herman and I. He's still working for Goldman Sachs (11 years & counting) and I'm still buying and selling things at auctions around the northeast.

I bought a used 1998 Chevy K3500 dually 4x4 truck and 8x16 enclosed trailer to make it easier to pick up and deliver auction items. I can haul pretty much anything now. ;)

I hope everyone that I personally met on our trip and everyone that I got to know through the blogs is having a great year. There's still a ton of stuff to see and we will be "out there" next winter for sure.


-Don, Herman & Tigger

Troy NY