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Thursday, March 20, 2014

LL Bean = Made In China = Crap products

Your Ad Here LL BEAN = Made in China now. According to a story I read on the internet, 97% of the items sold by LL Bean are NOT made in the USA. 3% are made here. Sad. I can tell you that the made in China stuff is super cheaply made and wears out really fast.

My mom got me these $50 slippers for xmas 2013... the stitching is falling out and the cloth beneath the heels is already worn right through. It's been less than 3 months and it's not like I wear my slippers that much! How can they be falling apart like this? Because they're cheaply made in China!

LL Bean you should be ashamed of yourself for sacrificing jobs and quality for profits. Boooooooo!

1 comment:

  1. LL Bean sucks bigtime anymore!!!! I used to buy really nice and never scratchy flannel shirts from them, for many years.....but not anymore!!! Quality went out the window. Sad.....