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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3 - first post

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Hi folks. I'm trying out this blogging "thing" finally. It seems that everyone is doing it. So, here I am blogging. I can't promise it'll be interesting so bear with me if I bore you!

Throughout this blog, I'll be trying to find & reconnect with the guy in the picture below. He used to be a fun, independent and adventurous guy. Over the last few decades he's become complacent, predictable & kind of boring.


  1. These are the stories of Donald "Hoppy" Hopkins. Two wheels or four stopping for the occasional pinball game, The Adventure continues.

  2. HAHA, yup. I need some adventure. Gotta get my pinball fix too!

  3. Hi Don, just discovered your blog! Can't wait to catch up. And yup, right there with you. You have the exact get up I want one day... my bike on the back (don't want to tow). I look at older pics of me on my bike and wonder, "What happened to her." I started with a Honda NighHawk and my last one was a HD Road King. Sweet. One day, one day. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  4. DSD - thanks for the message. Are you still riding? The newer Winnebago Views receiver hitches will hold up to 500 lbs according to the specs. I've not compared the 2008 hitch to the newer hitches but I am told they are identical. Winnebago must have been being overly cautious when placing the 300 lb. limit on the earlier View hitches.

    With a 500 lb tongue weight, you could carry many different motorcycles on the back of a View. Figure the carrier will weigh 60-80 lbs and you're left with a little over 400 lbs for the cycle.

    Take and see you out there

  5. LOL, love the gas can riding on top of the tank. Wouldn't want to think what would have happened to you if you'd had an accident.

    I've read most of the blog. I think you are doing a great job. Have fun in Vegas!