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Friday, January 6, 2012

Metal detecting in the desert

Your Ad Here Last night, I found a nice quiet spot off interstate 95 near Needles Ca. to set up camp. I had seen another RV do the same thing about 5 miles back so I figured I would try it. It’s cool that you can just pull off the road pretty much anywhere and camp. No one bothers you because there’s nobody here. Boondocking in the desert beats camping in a walmart parking lot anytime.

You can drive as far off the road as you dare. Today, I decided to drive even further off the road. I wanted to get far enough away that I didn’t hear the big rigs driving by. After about 1/4 mile I noticed my gas gauge was on E and the little gas pump warning lite was on. Whoa. Not good.

That’s odd because the generator is not supposed to run if the gas tank has less than 1/4 tank in it. I ran the it last night for a few hours and this morning for a few hours.

I’m glad I decided to move the RV. if I didn't, I probably would have sat here and unknowingly let the generator run the gasoline empty!

If I don’t have enough gas to get to the next town, I can always take the scooter off the back and ride it to get some gas. Having the scooter is having piece of mind. Another mode of transportation (besides my feet) is always a smart idea.

So, I shut off the RV and decided to dig out the metal detector for the first time this trip. I found a dry stream bed nearby and started to walk. I found 3 metal cans in less than 15 minutes. They were obviously the remains of someone’s meal many years ago. Looking at them made me wonder who was out here in the middle of nowhere, why they were here and when.

The spoon is plastic and the can is metal. I am sure if I did a little research on manufacturing, I could come up with a rough date these were left.

I was hoping to find a cache of old coins but this will have to do…


  1. Perhaps an old B&M baked bean can?

  2. It just might be. I was surprised to see the spoon thrown out too though. You'd think that back when this can was thrown into the river, plastic (bakelite?) spoons wouldn't have been as plentiful as they are today and would have been reused for a long time.