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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday, a Westfalia & 2011 nearly over

Your Ad Here A few years ago, I joined Herman in standing in line at Staples for 6 hours in the freezing cold until they finally opened in the wee hours on the morning. We were about 30th in line which equates to being too far from the front of the line for any of the really good door buster coupons to filter back to us. The store employees have X amount of each door buster to sell. They have an equal amount of coupons for those items. They start at the front of the line asking each person if they want the LCD TV, the laptop computer, the Xbox or whatever they're selling that year. Usually the first people in line scarf up all the good coupons and only the lame item coupons filter back to the 20-40th people in line. It really does pay to be one of the 1st 10 people in line. You might as well stay home otherwise.

We did get a coupon for a nice magellan GPS for $99. That was Moms Christmas present that year! See what I do for you ma... stand in the cold, in line for 6 hours just to get your present. LOL!

I will say that doing black Friday for "real" (like the crazies we see on the news) was kind of interesting and adventurous but overall, the whole standing in line for hours in the cold "thing" isn't for me.

I am really glad to see more and more retailers pandering to those of us who'd rather sit in our warm homes and buy online. Herman awoke at 3AM (midnight PST) last night and scored a sweet deal on a laptop from It's an Pentium i5 processor, 500gb hardrive, 4mb ram, camera ect etc etc. for $499. I was snoring away, snug as a bug in a rug. That was the extent ouf our black friday buying spree.

Wait... we did stop by PetsMart and get Tigger some treats and a squeaky Kong toy. He went berserk playing with it for hours. He has some super bite force!

The "Kong" brand toys are the only dog toys that will hold up to Tiggers "play".

We venured out to Panera for lunch (the turkey bravo on tomatoe basil bread is killer!) and then went to look at a potential "flip"... an '85 VW Westfalia. The VW turned out to be fairly nice and rust free on the outside but pretty worn on the interior. It was the less valuable "weekender" (no stove, fridge or LP), not the full camper. It did have a couple fairly rare options... an automatic transmission and A/C. But still, there was definitely no meat left on the bone after the sellers asking price of $5000. Notice the very uncool Dodge pick up truck wheel covers someone stuck on the Westy?! Who could do that to a westy?!

Not bad for being 27 years old
 And, if you must know... we got delivery Chinese for dinner.

We eat out waaaaay to often! If I kept track of how much money we spent every month on eating out take out or delivery food... it would probably amaze us. We could be riding around in a new 45 foot diesel pusher RV if we ate ramen noodles and peanut butter snadwiches!

That'll be a blog topic for another day I guess.

G'night all!


  1. For the first time, I partook in some Black Friday activities. It was scary.

  2. It is an experience like no other for sure

  3. Greetings from Colorado,

    I'd been watching your posts on your View problem, and wound up on your Blogspot site. I share your interest in Westfalias (and own a View). I still have, and am using regularly, a 1987 Westfalia Syncro. It is the third VW bus I've owned since the late 1970s. I had it out yesterday to attend a Buick club breakfast, in what turned out to be 80+ MPH winds. It was a slow, and rather thrilling drive. Anyway, I share your interests. Hope you have a great New Year.