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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hermans New Toy

Your Ad Here Herman got his NY state motorcycle permit this summer. It allows him to operate any motorcycle or scooter on the street, provided that a licensed motorcyclist (that's me) is riding within eyesight of him.

We found him a 2008 Yamaha Vino with just under 800 miles for just $1200. It was an ebay purchase. If you were to buy a brand new one, expect to pay about $2900 + tax at your local dealer.

It's really quiet and smooth to ride. No shifting. Just twist the throttle and go. The rear brake is on the left handlebar and the front brake is on the right side of the handlebar. It tops out around 55 MPH and it reported to get 100+ MPG. We haven't checked the MPG yet but I did get it up to 55 MPH on a long flat road.

After some cleaning Hermans bargain scooter looks like this...
2008 Yamaha vino 125

Having very little experience on a bicycle and zero experience on a scooter, Herman is doing surprisingly well learning how to ride his new toy. We started off in a large parking lot near our home. As he felt more and more comfortable, we travelled father and father away from the empty lot. Eventually, making it on to the busy local streets.

He doesn't have to ride on back with me anymore!
This was taken in 2000

Hermans Vino fits well on the back of the RV. Instead of my Honda scooter, we took Hermans Vino to Maine last summer. It adds a little length to the RV but we were still able to legally park right on Commercial St. in Portland.
Commercial Street Portland Maine - summer 2011


  1. Are you saying you can get both scooters on back ? Or did I misunderstand ??

  2. No, just one scooter goes on back of the RV. Two would be a little heavy.

    I've been looking at a receiver hitch for the front of the RV though. With a front hitch installed, we could safely haul Hermans scooter also. The only downside is that the front hitch is pretty expensive.