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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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Over the last few days I've been thinking what I could do to make the upcoming trip more comfortable in the RV. I've been doing my part to stimulate the weak economy by buying "stuff" I could probably do with out.

Some people find that getting rid of "stuff" makes them feel good. I'm generally on the other side of the fence. Acquiring useful "stuff" makes me happy. Below are some pictures of little things I've bought and installed in the RV.

This is the coach door on the Winnebago View. The 2 stairs under the door are electric and open (& close)  automatically when the door is opened or closed. There is a small round orange light under the stairs. It comes on when the door is opened and goes off when it's closed. Most View owners will agree that this little orange light is all but useless for lighting up the entryway.

I went on my favorite website (eBay!) and found some perfect length strips of blue LEDs. They're 60cm long, waterproof and have adhesive strips on the backs. They stick anywhere. I put a strip underneath the front lip of the house battery cover (top step) and I put a strip under the cutout where the stairs fold up into. The wiring was easy. I used 4 quick connects (2 for the + wires & 2 for the - wires). After roughly 20 minutes of tinkering... this is the result.

 I can't wait to see this in the dark. I think the LEDs will make access to and from the View a lot safer.

Brighter than I expected. Not too bright though.

This is a reflection of the LEDs on the shinytop stair tread. The LEDs are positioned on the grey body panel just above the step.   

I also bought a pair of seat covers at Walmart. The View seats are "ultra leather" and I don't want Tigger walking on the leather. The covers should keep the original seats in perfect condition even with the dog walking on them.

Passengers seat cover.

 This is a seat organizer. I thought it would utilize space for storage that is otherwise wasted.

This is a 150 watt "cup inverter". It was on sale at Kmart for $19.99. I couldn't resist! It fits perfectly in the Views cup holders in the dinette table and should easily power 1 or 2 laptops and charge the cell phones.


  1. LOVE the LED lights on the steps. Perhaps a post (and pics) on more details (for those of us that don't have a clue !)on how you hooked it all up.

    Also, Love that cup inverter - but don't understand it ??

  2. Sassie HI!

    I will post more specific info on the LED install. It's really simple providing you already have a light under your RV steps that turns on and off when you open and close the door.

    The inverter is a neat little tool. It has a wire that plugs into any cigarette lighter socket and then converts that 12 volt power into 110 volt power that smaller home appliances (laptop computers, can openers, coffee makers and more) can run off. In hopes that it explains more thoroughly, here's the full description off the website...

    "The inverter will never be without power when you are in the car again. The Peak cup inverter solves many of the problems with power inverters. First, a power inverter allows you to power many home electrics through the accessory outlet in the car. The Peak cup inverter gives you 150 watt of power with 2 AC and 2 USB outlets to handle most laptop computers, cell phones, and audio devices. The design fits right into most car cup holders. Peak inverter is built with a spring loaded hinged lid to protect the outlets when not in use. They also added a back lit on/off switch, so even in the dark you know where to look. Create a mobile office with the Peak 150 watt Cup Inverter."

  3. Good job on the steps lights Don!! They look great at night! As for the cup inverter--super cool!!