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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December 5th !

Your Ad Here It looks like Tigger & I will be firing up the Winnebago and heading West on December 5th. That's that plan anyway.

I expect to make it a "working vacation"... buying and selling my way across America. No matter where you are, there is almost always something you can buy cheaply, clean up, tinker on & repair if needed and quickly resell for a profit.

I just got a new laptop and have an unlimited data plan with AT&T. I should be all set with internet access on the road. I picked up a new shipping scale and have plenty of packing materials for whatever I might need to ship. I will "dumpster dive" for reusable boxes like I always have. You'd be surprised how many perfectly good boxes you can find in dumpsters behind any strip mall. By dumpster diving, I'm recycling and saving a few bucks in the process. You'd NEVER catch Herman going anywhere near a dumpster. But me, I don't mind diving right in.

Here are my two latest "flips". I picked these up at an aution in Loudon NH. I spent about 7 hours driving to get them back home to NY.

Wowie Zowie gumball machine  <---Heres a little movie I made to help sell it. I found a program on my computer called "Windows live movie maker" and decided to try it. This is my 1st attempt at making a "movie" with this program. It's a little crude.

Fun for kids of all ages!

2003 Honda CR85R

Number 420? LOL!

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  1. Great video - can't even tell it's your first attempt at WMM.

    Being able to fix things up is such a talent. Surely something to be proud of :)