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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Abandoned Harris Neck Army Airfield

Your Ad Here This is a neat place to explore for a few hours. The state turned the abandoned WWII airfield into a public wildlife refuge/park. They maintain a 4 mile paved road around the park with various historic stops (w/markers) along the route. There are also many roads and things to see that aren't on the map.

The entrance sign

Map and info


No Dogs or swimming. There's gators here so swimming is definitely out.

fishing pier

fishing pier

Tigger stayed inside a lot during this adventure

Another fishing pier

I hope you can read these after you click to enlarge them?!


info marker

more info

more info

Prepare for take off Tigger

This is one of the few things left in the park from WWII.

I think it's a munitions bunker. You be the judge.

It's made of thick reinforced concrete

The roof is still solid after 70 years

A view of a View from a munitons bunker roof

Time for a Tigger break

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