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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Your Ad Here ... we got lost (on purpose) off Rt 17 in and around South Newport Georgia. I pointed the RV toward the ocean and kept going until we couldn't go anymore.

We saw lots of neat things. It seems that a decade or so ago, some people hoped to get rich being "developers". These people bought chunks of land, spent a small fortunes turning the land into a budding "development" and then marketed the heck out of it, hoping the buyers would come.

Sadly, they didn't end up coming.

Exploring these developments today is interesting.  You can definitely see & almost feel the hopes of the developer and also feel their failure and utter dismay when the buyers didn't come.

This is the result of high expectations & no buyers. You can click for larger pics.

Exploring. Where's the pool and pavillion you ask?

There was one person who built a home in this development years ago.
I wonder if he's still waiting for the pool and pavillion to be built?
This place has been vacant so long that it's turned into a partying and camping spot for the locals.

Following the trail

Humans have been here

One of those big screened patio enclosures, a mattress, pillow and bedding left to rot after it's immediate need was fullfilled.

a perfectly good tent, blanket and pillow

Is that a bus in the swamp?

Yup, a bus. How the heck did this get here?!

Maybe it was on dry land and it was used for camping? Now, that the water is higher, it's in the swamp? Who knows. I wanted to see inside it but didn't feel like wading through the alligator riddled swamp.

Speaking of alligators... I saw my 1st one in the wild today. It was cool. More about that later.

Here's another failed development that I explored.

The owner of this one had some pretty cool tastes. He (or she) placed real gas street lamps throughout the development. They were probably $500 or more each and at least that much to have them installed.

I'm not gonna lie... I really wanted to rescue one of these cool gas lamps and bring it back to NY. They're just going to rot away in the swamp.

There was a rickety viewing platform that allowed a daring person to look at the swamp from a slightly different perspective.

I don't understand the fascination with living near the swamp. In all fairness, they call it the "marsh" here though. It's sort of like cheap waterfront property but it's not really on the water.

Alligators, tiny churches and other explorations in tomorrows blog post.

 Tune in manana, same bat time, same bat channel 


  1. I wonder if those gas lamps mark the entrance to Narnia?

    Did you see the swamp thing?

    1. I love your comments Maria - way cool thoughts for a way cool post. :)

  2. Don
    When are you gonna invite us for dinner, I can bring the milk :-)
    That powered milk stuff tastes great just like the real thing @ $1.25 a gallon its even better
    I was amazed and was sure it would be sorta crappie !!

    You should have waited at the bus & gotten the real story like randy would have.
    You will get the money back for the tires after 20 more calls to your credit card company.