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Saturday, February 18, 2012

One night in the Bayou Cafe in Savannah Georgia

Your Ad Here This will be my last travelling post of this trip.

Thursday night, I was parked pretty close to River Street and the Bayou Cafee in Savannah Georgia. Bored with TV, I decided to stroll down to the bar and have a drink or 10. What a blast I was having... until I got up to leave... Someone either slipped a roofie into one of my drinks or I just ended up drinking waaaaay too much. It was probably the latter.

It didn't help matters that I had eaten a basket of fried catfish and french fries while at the bar. Never eat fried catfish while drinking copious "Cape Codders" . Trust me on this.

Here's a video I shot of the entertainer that night... Don Coyer. He was really good.
Try to ignore the loud, out of tune drunk guy singing along. LOL.

A short time after I took this video, I stumbled outside and headed for "home". For the next few hours, I proceeded to stumble in and out of the RV "getting air" and then usually puking. You know you're in a bad way when people are asking you if you're alright.

That's all I'm saying about this night.

It will not happen again.


  1. Don

    I hacked your blog, I'm tired of looking at your same old blue shit !!!

    Now you have 7 really cool views....check it out, then dump the BORING layout
    you may bow to my blogger prowess !!! its all FREE

    P.S. don't shit bricks !!! I did not hack you, i just discovered this little trick
    you just add: view/classic to your blog name at the end :-))

  2. Don

    Is your funnyun SAFE ?? Your just trying to keep up with Glenns,
    "One Upsmanship " I hope you went to the right kind of BAR ? If your downing roofie's

  3. Everyone is entitled to one of "those nights" little brother...renen

  4. What fun on the classic view Jerry! I'll remember that once, thanks :)

    As a non-drinker I can't imagine what you went through but I bet it was sure funny to watch! The singing part - not the puking part. I trust all is well with you now, and you're headed home.

  5. Guys will be guys.....will we ever learn!!! Makes me ill just reading about it...

  6. Wow, what a night out. Fun fun fun. Until the fat lady sings that is. I hate the puking part tho. I'm glad you let your hair down and could walk home tho, that was neat. A good way to end your vacation. I bet Herman was glad to see you drive in and Tigger must be reclaiming his back yard. I can re read your blog and enjoy it like a good book. Love ya, Ma

  7. Ouch - I guess you won't be drinking much for a while. I've never had a night like that, vomiting, etc., but I did drink way too much one night, and I think I had alcohol poisoning. I was sick for a while - like the flu. That sure slowed me down.

    I hope you're feeling better soon. At least you were in a strange town, where you can drive away and not see those people again. :)

  8. LOL, you've got to make yourself really miserable once in a while! How do you know how good you feel if you don't feel like you want to die once in a while?

    Sorry to hear you won't be posting for a while. I'll miss your adventures. Take care.