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Thursday, February 9, 2012

St Andrews Park

Your Ad Here Rather than spend the $26 (water and electric) or $32 (full hook up) I spent the night in St. Andrews Park. It was dead quiet except for this one loud bird who sort of sounded like a man coughing or sometimes saying “WEEEEE”. I’ve never heard a bird be so loud. Maybe it was a monkey. I dunno.

I was having my morning coffee and the trash guy rolled in. This was comical because the can was too close to the tree and the driver was too lazy to get out and move it. One side of his “jaw” would catch on the tree and the other side on the can. He messed around for a couple minutes before he finally got it squeezed enough to lift it. I almost went out and moved the can for him but I was waiting to see if he’d get out of the truck and move it himself.

P1040687 P1040688

Tigger and I have been walking a lot. Here’s a few pics from our walk this morning.

P1040690P1040691P1040692P1040693P1040694 P1040695

Some reading for my readers


Some crazy trees. I wonder what makes them grow in such weird directions? The hanging moss is very “cushy” and soft to the touch. You could fill a pillow case with it and have a nice fluffy place to lay your head. It looks all scratchy and hard but nope.

P1040697  P1040698

Miles and miles of bicycling/walking trails
P1040699 P1040700

And even a waterpark…


An old fashioned trolley will take you on a tour of the island.


More tomorrow...

Tigger says… “I just love wading around in the ocean!”


  1. I think I camped there on the fringes in my stealth trailer on my way to Cedar Key....Tigger looks happy in a few of these pics!!

  2. Yeah, I think Tigger's happy. He would probably rather be home relaxing but he's content being wherever I am.

    Keep us updated on your new working life. >:-)

  3. Great pix! Good to see you and Tigger relaxing and having fun. :)