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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Public beach access

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Panama City Beach

Panama City has done a great job allowing the public access to the beaches here. There’s usually no place to park a vehicle near the beach (unless you’re in one of the beachside hotels). So, Every 100 feet or so you’ll find a well marked path (usually between two private residences) right to the beach.

2012-02-04 12.59.02 2012-02-04 12.59.26

The white sands in New Mexico has nothing on the white sand here. This sand is like sugar but without all the calories. At least the sand here in Florida connects to a beach. Not so in New Mexico.

2012-02-04 12.59.38 

The ocean is a greenish blue and warm enough to swim in. In fact, many people were swimming up near the pier.

2012-02-04 13.02.11 2012-02-04 13.02.56
1328382437680 2012-02-04 13.02.40

It’s hard to eat just the exact “right” amount of pizza isn't it?

2012-02-03 19.29.11

Tigger says… “Hey, I didn’t get any pizza!”

2012-02-03 20.50.22


  1. WOW , when I was down there, the beach was loaded every weekend with totally hot looking sugar babes !! The traffic was wall to wall cars.... It would take an hour to drive 1 mile.

    Looks like you have the beach to yourself & Tigger...
    Stroke of luck....

  2. Unfortunately, no pets allowed on the beach according to the rules. Tigger hung out in the RV back at walmart. I did have the beach pretty much all to myself. I'd like to see it in the busy season too though. Maybe next time?!

  3. Poor Tigger..........must be the "off" season there??

    Safe Travels!

  4. It was nice and quiet when I was there too, bout the same time of year. I love beaches but not crowds so it seems like a perfect afternoon.

    Too bad Tigger couldn't participate.

  5. Nice waves and warm water too!! Lots of space to do kite flying don't ya think? Tigger would have loves it. Ma

  6. I don't like places that don't like dogs!!! Grrrr. Glad you enjoyed it tho. Question - are you just posting the same pic of Tigger over and over? LOL. (I know you're not.) But he pretty much is always in that same position. Ha! :) Love and hugZ to you and Tigger, D

  7. Tigger is usally laying down. HAHA, I just looked and yup, he's laying down... all stretched out.

    They might look like the same picture but they're not. >;-)

  8. Is there such a thing as the "right" amount of pizza? I think not.