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Friday, February 10, 2012


Your Ad Here Phew, we just went for a good mile or so walk along the beach.

It's almost low tide so there's lots of beach to check out.

Tigger's tired now. He's sleeping. Imagine that? I'd post another picture of him sleeping but you all know what that looks like. LOL

Wait... here he is... but... shhhh... he's sleeping.

I've had great luck boondocking here in this little park the past 2 nights. After about 9:30 pm there are no more visitors and I have the place all to myself.

This park has everything I need. Fresh water, a cold shower, a nice big, clean, 2 stall / 2 sink bathroom and should I need power, there are 110v outlets inside. It's quiet (except for that one loud bird who squawks once every 30 minutes all night).

I was going to tell this guy to camp here but I like the solitude.

 I am going to stay a 3rd night.

I found the best radio station in the country. 107.7 The Fox.
Georgia residents, you don't know how good you have it

Fridays fashion...
Don't wear sweat pants out in public ever. Even if you're going to or coming from the gym... don't do it. To all who see you, it looks as if you've completely given up on life. Not a good look ...even if you HAVE given up on life.


  1. Wait, I always wear sweat pants! When did they go out of style?? :p

  2. Don, honey, you've been in solitude too long. You have begun to think you're a fashionista. Must. leave. Georgia. soon. LOL. :)

    GREAT pix of the swamp trees and sleeping Tigger. Love it.