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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I’m baaaaack

Your Ad Here We are back in Milton at the Goodyear getting the tires rebalanced.

He did balance them when the job was done 2 days ago but he must not have been paying attention. He just rebalanced the drivers side front tire and it needed 1.25 ounces on the inside of the rim and another .25 ounce on the outside of the rim. Tha passengers side need a 1.75 ounce weight. I know that doesn’t sound like much but I think it’ll make all the difference in the world when the tire is spinning a million RPMs on the highway.

I’m sitting in the RV writing this blog while he’s working on it. This is my view. I’m just outside the shop because the RV is too tall to fit inside.

2012-02-02 11.25.51

EDIT: Front tires are done. Just test drove it and the front was perfect... rock solid & dead calm... but I could still feel some shimmy in the back. Soooo... I'm back at the tire shop waiting for Jefro to return from lunch to do the 4 rears.

I expect smooth sailing after today. Smile


  1. I'll be glad for you when its done. Ma

  2. Sounds like Jefro needs to pay more attention to what he is doing, or learn to do it better!!

    Safe Travels Don!

  3. Looks like someone needs to do a little clean house BuB!

  4. Don

    Have you ever considered adding GEO tagging - GPS to your pictures ? That would allow your loyal followers to totally follow in your footsteps, years from now on the trail that you are blazing today ? Just imagine had James Dean, Elvis or Ansel Adams done that ? People could follow in their exact footsteps !! We could be walking in History following your footsteps. Please ask your readers what they would think ? Below is info on the tech.

    I am thinking that would be cool option for travelers !!

  5. I did take some time to clean the RV. It's not "dirty". It's just a little cluttered. I have too many ebay things in here. We need a bigger RV! >;-)

    John, jefro had been changing tires for 8 years at the same goodyear. I think he was getting a little bored and didn't care much about his job. After a good 4-5 more hours of waiting, he did finally get the job done. This time it's correct.

    OTTCT that is an interesting option. I have seen the geo tagging option in windows life writer (the program I manily use to write the blog) but haven't fully grasped how to geotag a picture.

    From your website it appears that it takes an extra gadget stuck on to your camera to geotag?

    The next step would be adding that gadget inside the camera I assume. I wonder if there's an inexpensive camara that's geotagging ready?

    I surely don't put myself in a class with james dean, ansel adams or elvis but I do think it would be neat to be able to geotag a picture though. :)

  6. Don

    The iphone 4s has the info already in the picture, when you snap the picture

    This company below makes a device for Nikon cameras, everything is done when the picture is taken, Lat - long - Altitude

    The sony Alpha a55 & a65 also has that option, but its $799-999

    If you keep up the blogging soon you will get 1+ million hits, it sounds like your the king of e bay auctions, with 50 items sold this last week.

  7. OTTCT , I checked my samsung infuse and it geotags pics too. I just have to make sure the phones GPS is on and the geotagging box is checked in the camera settings.

    I took some geotagged pics today but can't see the geotag info. This is all new to me so feel free to post up some advice.

    I can't see me having much interesting to post about once I stop raoming the country. So, I doubt I'll even get to 100k views.

    If get close to thos big numbers, I will monetize the crap out of my blog like Glenn at tosimplify does. I'll pepper it with ads! LOL! FREE MONEY!

  8. OTTCT I just noticed your blog title pic is from panama city Fla. I am actually in Panama City Fla right now. Are you nearby?