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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Al – Proprietor of POJO’s Treasures & things in Midway GA.

Your Ad Here Today, I was driving through Midway Georgia looking for interesting things to see and do.

I first came across this cool, early 1950's, double sided, neon GULF gasoline sign. It was attached to an equally cool 1950's gas station that was just begging to be restored back to its 50's glory like this one had been.

Then, I spotted a thrift store on steroids and had to stop. It was more than a thrift store. It was like a goodwill, a salvation army, eBay, craigslist and an auction house all rolled into one. If that wasn’t good enough, the owner Al, is one cool guy. He’s originally from Guam and is very affable.

I was trying not to monopolize his time talking about the business. Al knows a lot about a lot of different things. I think I spent a good hour roaming around his shop listening to the vinyl records he was playing on the vintage stereo system in the back. 
2012-02-15 15.05.14

I sold him the Texas Longhorn, a box of 1960’s slot cars, a set of 5 old truck cab marker lights and the safari hat. All of which I had been carting around (and tripping over) since the Conroe Texas "megapick". A quick google maps search says that’s 980 miles. I sold the stuff for exactly what I paid for it. It’s not always about making a profit.
2012-02-15 16.11.27

Here are a bunch of pictures from AL's shop. He’s got a good eye. I especially liked all the vintage metal toys and his huge selection of vinyl LPs.
2012-02-15 15.04.59 2012-02-15 15.10.292012-02-15 15.06.43

I was like a kid in a candy store
2012-02-15 15.05.56

Quite the collection eh? It goes on and on and on !!!
2012-02-15 15.07.102012-02-15 15.08.33

He got really busy with customers coming in, one after another.
2012-02-15 15.30.08

So, we wrapped up our own swapping/buying/selling and I headed on toward Savannah. I drove away with $63 more dollars than I arrived with, a nice swiss army knife (which I used to open a can of beans tonight) and a lot more floor space in the RV. Tigger HATED the Texas longhorn so he's pleased that it disappeared.

If Al wasn’t so busy I could have stuck around & talked with him for hours.


  1. I agree, much More room without the longhorn!
    The store sounds fantastic. I used to dabble in antiques and junk. Had a booth and worked a little in an antique store. Love estate sales and junk stores.

  2. Don
    Here was your chance to trade him your RV for his whole store.....
    It looks like you missed the chance to live in Disneyland forever.
    Soon the good life on the open road will come to a close

  3. What a fantastic find!! I could lose myself in there for hours like you. Mom

  4. Wow everything looks so cool! I think of those places as museums. Great to look but don't want to take it home with me. Less is more in my world :)

  5. Thanks for the great write up, please come visit next time your in the neighborhood!! Pojo's is open 7 days a week. Sorry to hear about your RV mishap!!