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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roadtrek and other RVs

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I love checking out other RVs. It’s always fun seeing what others are enjoying.

This is a Roadtrek. It’s pretty cool. I’ve always liked them for their usability. They’re don't have any slides and are obviously narrow but… they still have all the features of a larger RV.

I like to check out the drivers too. The little old lady driving it looked like she was scared sh*tless. She just did not appear comfortable piloting it at all. Of course, I only have 1.2 seconds to make my assessment as I drive by and peer through the window. I could be wrong. 



This is an earlier View 23. It’s about a foot shorter than the 2008 and later View 24. The number after the model name almost always designates the length of any RV.



This is the “LeSharo” by Winnebago. It had a Renault 2.2 liter diesel in it (usually) and was the predecessor to the Rialta (our first RV).



Dinner last night. Pasta and meat & mushroom sauce. It was also lunch and dinner today and will be tomorrow as well. Left overs are great… if you eat them.

P1040848  P1040849


If you saw this off in the distance, wouldn’t you want to go climb it?



  1. What is it? It's too tall for a deer blind but not tall enough for a forestry or ranger lookout. Hmmmmm.... Enquiring minds want to know, so yeah, would have to climb it. ;)

  2. Good looking pasta

  3. The pasta was and still is good. Lots of left overs for one person.

    I really don't know WHAT that tower was erected for? This was an Army base during the early 1940's. Maybe it was built then for army purposes? It was locked so I didn't climb it.