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Friday, February 3, 2012

PCB - 2/3/12

Your Ad Here Panama City Beach.
I love this place. It’s right on the gulf and is kind of touristy but has everything you could ever need. Warm temps, sunshine, NY style pizza (delivered to the small white RV at wal-mart), 2 for 1 t-shirts and miles of white sand beaches.

A cool house.
P1040532P1040529P1040530 P1040531

Crazy storm clouds coming
P1040543 P1040544

Some wal-mart neighbors
P1040548 P1040551

Ripley's “odditorium”.  Normally, I’d save something as cool as this for Herman but I may have to check this out myself tomorrow.
P1040578 P1040569
P1040570 P1040571

For Herman… Private joke. Sorry folks!
P1040561 P1040562


  1. No Don

    My crazy demented Danish grandpa lives there, I got the trailer in Douglas Georgia.... and stopped at his house to listen to some of his BS, if your a 10,000% total red neck right wing crazy republican "way to the right of Gingrich" and like the smell of gunpowder & wanna hear how the Weimar "1919 Germany 10 million % inflation" is right around the corner, I might be able to get you in ?

    I checked your picture of the white roof house, right click check properties !!
    no GPS data was present.... You have Panasonic DMC-FH20 camera ISO 160 f/3.3 picture was taken 2-1-11 at 4:10 pm

    Did you shrink the picture ? if so maybe it stripped the data away ??

    YEA I bet that is why Glenn is eating grass feed beef due to all the KaChing poring from Google, soon he will order the hand massaged special kobe Japanese beef.

  2. Don

    I just double checked... It does strip the GPS data from my stuff when its reduced for the that sucks !!! I gotta study this some more myself.
    So I guess this is a case of the dumb ....leading the blind !!!

  3. Here are 2 links to play around with

    this looks better
    enter Lat: 30.175484
    Long; -85.806372

    if you enter deg, minutes & seconds ...the # are different ?

    Should be Beach of Shores hotel....
    Im just playing around with it myself

    Im testing it on my blog, so I added your link also

  4. A Walmart, pizza delivery, and white sand beaches......what more do ya need!!!

    Safe Travels!!