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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amelia Island Florida

Your Ad Here I knew that name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it as I drove on through the town. Amelia Island is a ritzy, glitzy place. The Ritz Carlton resort is there so you know it's a beautifully kept area.

After googling some today, I figured out why the place sounded familiar. It's where they host one of the premier auto auctions in the country each year. The Amelia Concours D'Elegance. This year it's in early March. Tickets are $50 just to get in, stroll around, see the rare cars and watch the auction. If it wasn't a month away, I'd go.

Florida sure has lots of rules about it's coast line. They definitely HATE dogs. I almost can't blame them because I wouldn't want to hang out on a beach that has dog pee and poop all over it. We can at least say the Florida beaches are CLEAN. That's nice even if Tigger can't partake.

There's a state park every mile it seems. Here's a few pics from yesterday...

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign... this, don't do that...

...can't you read the sign?

no one here

With all the fallen trees on the beach, you'd think they'd be begging people to take driftwood home.

Giant sea creatures?

These trees will all be sucked into the ocean in a few hundred years.

someone needs to shave

This dinosaur skeleton reminded me of those insects that look like sticks and wobble around as they move.

Erosion is slowly claiming the coastline and everythingright along with it.


  1. Don't shave, I like it. What a beautiful place with all the driftwood. I haven't seen any of that for years. Up in N.Maine by some of the lakes there you can find it and I believe you can take it. Enjoy. Mom

  2. Great pix!! And I was laughing out loud, you know---lololol---at some of the writing about the signs!! Stay in Florida, its cold back here!! I'm in South Bend, IN this week, home of Notre Dame, and have yet to see the old sun this week!!

    Safe Travels............