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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jekyll Island #3

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A video of the really strong outgoing tide today.
The local store owner told me it's because of the recent full moon.

Here's some more pics of Jekyll Island.

There's quite a few RVers out here. Here's a neat little PleasureWay class-B that pulled in to the park next to me tonight. These things are really handy but I wouldn't want to spend 2 months living in one.

Along with a nice bathroom facility and daily trash pick up here in the park, there's an outside shower (cold) and a hose spigot. I noticed the Views water gauge was reading Empty so I figured I'd try to get close enough to the spigot to get some water. Luckily, I had 2 hoses and got the RV close enough to reach. Yeah. Free water.

Notice that branch. That was close but I had my eye on it the whole time.

Free water

Now, I can fire up the hot water heater and take a nice long shower in the RV. I haven't done that in ummmmm, errrrrr, ahhhhh... at least a few days. >;-)

We found the state run RV park. Prices are pretty steep for sites that are really close to each other and minimal extras. $26 for power and water. $32 for power, water and sewer hook up. That's a lot of money for a place to park overnight and a couple dollars (max) worth of power and water.

State run campground

Entering the campground. They let me ride through to check it out.

You could probably hear your neighbors snoring in these cramped sites

A Navion in the campgrpund

I found a Rialta (our 1st RV ever) and got a comparison picture. Yup, the View is a bit bigger.

A cute little dog was keeping watch while the owners were away

It looks mean but was really just shy in real life


Miles of clean, sandy, dog friendly beaches

Horses for rent
Fishing Pier


  1. Beautiful pictures and Tigger got to enjoy the beach this time!!!! He looks like he loves the water. Ma

  2. Thanks ma. Tigger is starting to like the water. He never did before.

  3. Good for Tigger! Did you ride a horse?

  4. I'm sure Tigger's glad you finally took a shower. ;-)

  5. Those spots are REALLY close together. Imagine you can hear more than snoring going on. Thank goodness, finally a dog friendly beach.

  6. Yup! Georgia allows dogs on beaches... at least on Jekyll island they do.

    Yes, those spots were really close. Another camper left an review on a website about how their sites are basically awning to anwing. That's what I hate about RV parks... the sites are too close together. I'd rather stay in a busy walmart parking lot.

    I didn't ride a horse. Maybe I will on the next trip here?!

    Tigger doesn't mind if I have a little BO. >;-)