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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No See Ums - a short video

Your Ad Here Herman says my videos are not long enough. It takes quite a while to upload them to youtube so that's why I keep them short.

Last night while watching TV, I killed 4 blood filled mosquitos inside the RV. Was it my blood or Tiggers? Who knows?

They were attracted to the light from the TV so it was easy to find them. All the windows were closed so I must have brought them in during the day? Or Tigger did. I have killed 2 more this morning.

In this video shot this morning, I was filming out the bathroom window in the rear of the RV. The bugs were SWARMING trying to get in. It was crazy. I know it's hard to see them because the camera was focusing on the sky and the trees. You can see them in a few frames though.

EDIT: The way I am itching tonight, I am certain that the 4 mosquitoes I killed last night in the RV were in fact filled with MY BLOOD. I hate biting bugs.

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