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Monday, February 27, 2012


Your Ad Here I've been home about a week now and slowly getting back to non RV life.

I am pretty sure that my "RV legs" have turned back to normal legs now.

After a while you start to not notice the movement but it's true... when you (or your dog) move around inside a winnebago View RV, it moves with you (ever so slightly). The movement is obvious enough at first but it becomes second nature to your body after a month or so.

When I moved back into a home that doesn't move when I (or Tigger) do, it was odd. I took a little getting used to.

My brain still isn't 100% convinced that I'm not living in the RV anymore. The other night, I arose from bed not fully awake. In a foggy sleep haze, it wasn't evident to me where I was. I stepped from bed and immediately touched the floor. I knew this was wrong because I'm supposed to climb down a 4 rung ladder before touching to the floor.

I stumbled around in the kitchen and after a few seconds, I woke up enough to realize where I was.


I went back to bed and fell right to sleep.

Herman asked what was the best part of the trip. I have to say that Carlsbad Caverns was the most amazing thing I saw throughout the trip. I'd love to go back again because there was much I did not get to see there.

Worst traffic? No doubt, it was on the way home trying to get around Washington DC. What a nightmare that is. I'd rather drive in and around NYC or Los Angeles than Washington DC.

If anyone has any questions about the trip... feel free to ask in a comment below.


  1. Have been missing your posts. Glad you are home-I guess! I loved your adventure.

  2. Good to hear from you Don! Glad you're home and happy, but my only question about the trip is.... when is the next one? :)

  3. Always good to get home huh? On our first major journey, we both have seen some amazing scenery, met some really whacked out people, learned that "spare change" is something in demand, and that it can get really cold in the Arizona desert!! Myself, I can't wait to get out on the road again! That may be a year, or even 2, down the road....but in all honesty I'm shooting for December 2012....I miss it, every day...enjoying making money for the next trip at the moment, doing a lot of travelling now but its not the same!! DEFINITELY plan to be camped out and workamping in 2013, where as yet is unknown.....

  4. Sounds kind of like being on a boat for a while then getting off. "sea legs"

    So, any plans for future trips?

  5. I'm thinking about retracing the motorcycle ride I did 23 ysummers ago. I rode solo from Portland Maine to North Pole Alaska and back. It was about 10k miles round trip. I did the trip in just 35 days (including 7 days spent in Alaska). I tented all but one night. This time, I'd take the RV and leave the tent home. With age comes wisdom! >;-)

    By summer I might be ready to shove off again?


  6. Just had time to check in. I'm glad you're home and happy but I do miss the regular posts.

    Looking forward to your next trip. And this time hog tie Herman and take him with you!

  7. Home's just a different type of adventure:) Glad you settling in

  8. I'm really glad you went on your trip. I enjoyed every minute of it with you. And glad your home. Alaska sounds wonderful. Is summer time a good time for this trip? Seems as tho Herman could do this one with you. Work is light during this time. Retracing your last adventure there would be really neat. See ya soon, Ma