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Friday, February 17, 2012

Headed home

Your Ad Here Tonight should be my last sleeping night in the RV... on this trip. I am about 8-9 hours from home now. I really can't wait to see Herman and be HOME again.

For me, home isn't anywhere I lay my head (like the Metallica song says). Home is with Herman & Tigger in Troy NY. I miss home.

I am excited to get home and sleep in my own bed again. It's going to be nice.

over and out


  1. Roll on bud!!! And get back out there soon!! I suspect the itch will hit to get rolling again by early fall.......

  2. OMG

    Where am I gonna post all my stuff too if you peter out on me ?
    My 4 new tires went smooth as silk today. I even saved a ton of CASH !
    The old ones lasted 60,000 miles.
    and they still had some meat left for another 5k+ or more.
    But if I get a flat on the road, there would go $300 - $400 min out the door.
    so I kicked them to the curb before their time was up

  3. Come on

    You can stretch it at least 4-5 more days !!

  4. IT was a GREAT ride while it lasted Donnie!! I am sure the bug will bite again but next time Herman will have to ride shotgun and not Tigger....rene

  5. Glad you will be home for a while. I will miss your daily blogs on your interesting travels.

  6. John thanks bud. Sorry to hear about your trailer. I hope you get it back.

    OTTCT/Jerry I've enjoyed reading your very thorough posts and will keep up with them even when I am not blogging myself. I'd suggest dropping a few of your blogs links in comments on Glenns tosimplify blog. You get hits from that for sure.

    Rene, the trevelling bug always bites me but rarely do things come together enough to actually get out and travel. Maybe travelling south for a month or two each winter might be a new trend for me/us. We shall see.

    mom (I think that last comment is from you?) You and Nellson get out travelling in your RV quite a bit too. Maybe you will start a blog on your next trip?

  7. This news actually makes me sad. :( Will miss your antics, information and videos. Glad you're happy tho - that's what matters. Take care!

  8. Hey, your back in Troy NY. I am so happy that you had the chance to do this trip and now it can be a new tradition for you. South every Fall to keep warm. I have enjoyed your blog for sure as I felt right there with you son. Go again and hopefully Herman can enjoy the warmth too next time. Love ya, Ma XOXOXO