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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The dreaded knock on the door

Your Ad Here It's almost 9pm. I'm sitting here in the completely empty Great Dunes parking lot, with the TV antenna only part way up, the slide in and just one small light on.

I think I'm being fairly stealthy. But then again, I'm in a 24.5 foot long, 10.5 foot tall, shiny white (just washed), RV... in an e-m-p-t-y parking lot.

Then I hear it... the dreaded knock on the door. The knock was so out of the blue that Tigger didn't even bark?!!! He barks at almost everything that moves around the RV yet he didn't bark during the entire visit.

I yell HELLO and flip the porch light on.

The knocker identifies himself at the Georgia state police so I open the door. He was a very nice guy. He mentioned that he saw me overnighting in the park at the other end of the island 2 nights ago but didn't say anything.

I guess 3 nights is the limit here. Pushing it to a 4th night got me the dreaded knock on the door. I deserve it.

The state owns the entire island and the one camping area on it. It goes without saying that they want ALL RVers to stay in the camping area. They get more of our money that way.

After running me through the police system and finding out I have no warrants... He said he'll let me stay here for the night. But, if I don't want to stay in the campground after tonight, I should find another place to vacation.

Fair enough.


  1. You have a way about you that says NICE. I'm glad you could stay the night. It sounds perfect. Where to tomorrow night? Mom

  2. I'm thinking maybe south to warmer Florida? Key West?

  3. It was bound to happen sooner or later..........but, you had a good run!

    Safe Travels!!

  4. OverthetopcargotrailerFebruary 12, 2012 at 11:25 PM


    I'm glad your records clean, I feel much safer reading your blog now.
    Did they have any signs posted about the 3 days?


  5. There are no signs posted. I think it's implied that if you're staying on the island in an RV, you're to go camp with the masses at the small campground.

    The officer told me last night that when the campground gets full (and it does during the spring/summer), rather than turn paying customers away, they will allow people to buy a permit to camp in these parking lots that I'm currently in.

    There are so many opportunities for RVers to boondock here. There's a giant parking lot that many years ago was used for beach access (where Tigger was chasing the vultures). They no longer allow beach access there so the huge lot sits unused. It's about 1/2 the size of the HI JOLLY BLM camping land in Quartzsite.

    I think if Jekyll Island park had a RV owner & forward thinker in charge, they could come up with some minimal changes that would allow campers to use these big empty spaces all over the island. This island is beautiful and would attract many RVers if they focused on the niche RV crowd.

  6. Don

    Check out my food shopping trip, I saved $436.71
    almost busted the wheels off the cart.... a new record !!!

    P.S. BlackSheep is gonna get busted by Glen for complaining about him not busking enough :-))

    You can park on Padre Island in Texas on the beach with a small Island sticker, or in the parking lot for FREE
    then you just walk 100 ft to the beach

  7. I hate that knock, especially when it wakes you from a dead sleep! I swear, if a tree branch hits the car at night I wake up and lay there, heart palpitating. The police don't bug me, but that $500 vagrancy fine does.

  8. Ah, your luck ran out. Glad you did not have to move that night.