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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Title Pawn ?

Your Ad Here Every small town or city I drive through down here in the south has these sleezy "TITLE PAWN" shops.

I actually stopped at one recently and found out it's not a real pawn shop... it's a TITLE pawn shop. The only thing they want is rights to your vehicles title.

Oddly, if you own a vehicle, you can pawn your title. Who came up with this?

Who would would buy a vehicle and then pawn the title to it?!

TITLE PAWN   <---- these places are everywhere down here in the south.


  1. I remember when those first started up....its like the payday loan outfits, only worse!! Can't imagine being out of a job and "borrowing" against your car!! If thats not repaid, they have the title, will send someone to get "their" car, and now you're walking!!

  2. Hey

    With a good printer and FAKE title, you could hit 10 - 20 shops a day, I wonder if someone has tried that ?
    In LA, they would go broke by the end of the day.