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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jekyll Island Georgia

Your Ad Here It’s a state park on an entire island. Pretty cool. It costs $5 to get on the island. You can stay as long as you want but if you leave and come back after 24 hours, it’ll cost you another $5. There are annual passes that are cheaper and I’m sure the residents don’t have to pay.

This is the grand entrance to the island

P1040648 P1040649

Once on the island, we spotted some big birds that I think were turkey vultures. They’re kind of slow but not nearly slow enough that they have to worry about Tigger eating them for dinner. He had a blast chasing them and I had fun watching the old boy pretend he was young again.

P1040650 P1040653

Tigger's getting slow in his old age. Aren't we all though? ---->Video of Tigger chasing the vultures

We saw a Itasca Navion (the Views twin) towing a car.


We haven’t had more than a few hours to explore so the pics will be limited. More tomorrow fo’ sho’.

P1040645 P1040655

Creepy vulture trees


I met a radio control plane guru named Doug. I asked if it'd be ok to hang out and watch while he flew his planes. He welcomed the company.  I used to be into RC planes back in the late 1980’s but I never flew any of mine. I always felt that I had too much time & money invested to actually fly them. Without a trainer, I knew I’d crash my first time out. So, I drove them around like a car in the parking lots, taking short “hops” but never any actual flights. I ended up bringing them to NY with me in 1990 and eventually selling them for next to nothing in a yard sale. In hindsight, I probably should have just tried to fly them.

Doug was an old pro. He flies RC helicopters too. Everything he flies is electric though. To get the full effect and for full realism, RC toys need real engines. Electric is cheap, clean and easy but it’s lacking realism in my opinion.

P1040664 P1040662

Take off video here  This is way cool. I might have to get me one of these !!!

I finally got a chance to use my awesome bug hat. The no-see-ums here on this island are as bad as I have experienced ANYWHERE. Yuck! I had shorts on but had to run back to the RV to put on long pants, socks and my groovy anti-bug hat. IT WORKED GREAT! Watching Doug get eaten alive, I didn't feel the slightest bit goofy wearing it.


The sun’s going down.
G’nite from Jekyll Island Georgia.



  1. I always like taking photos of trees with a lot of birds in them. Your vulture tree is awesome!

    Love the bug hat! Function over form works for me. :)

  2. Yeah but the bug hat is stylish too! Maybe you'll start a fad Don :)

    My ex was into RC planes.. gas powered ones. He'd spend months building one to go out and crash it. Then rebuild and repeat. Took over the garage and dining room but he loved it. They are lots of fun!

  3. You made my morning!!!! Mine is hanging on the cellar door awaiting Spring!!!! I too loved your birds in a tree shot. Tigger sounded winded chasing those vultures tho. More pics today right? What a neat place. Looking forward to them. Mom

  4. I may need to get one of those stylish hats!

  5. I hate bugs and turkey vultures. This made me shudder. LOL. Great post Don! :)

  6. Cathie I have some extras if you really want one. Email me a shipping address and I'll send you one.

    Debra the turkey vultures were very morbid and halloween-y but I kind of liked them. They probably don't even know that they've been labelled creepy by us humans. They're just birds, living their life.

  7. Great this place open all year? Good to know of a few "special" spots you and recharge and refill on the cheap. Thanks for you time and hope to see more....Kathy.