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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two months ago today...

Your Ad Here ... I waved goodbye to Herman and headed west.

I've learned a lot about RVing and our RV since then.

It's been a great trip so far. Not always fun and exciting but enjoyable all the same.

Tigger and I are slowly headed home to NY but with the daily temps in the 20's and the nights, much colder... we're in no rush to get back. Plus, I think Herman is getting used to (& really enjoying) all this quiet "alone time", sitting comfortably in my computer chair and sleeping on my side of the bed. >;-)

It's laundry day again? Time sure flies.


  1. I bet he will be glad to see you and Tigger drive up in front of the house!! Mom

  2. Take your time driving home... hehe... ;-)

  3. Two months! Wow. That time flew by. Glad you've slowed down some but I know too there's no place like home. ;)