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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You'll have to go see the manager in the office

Your Ad Here This shack was across the river from where we camped last night. The tide is low right now so the shacks pilings are visible. I wonder if the "manager" ever came across the river to view his "office" at low tide? I think he'd be surprised to see that his main supports are about as thin as a toothpick.

From all the boats, you can tell this business and dock is still in use

You can see the "office" and "manager" signs on the shack. I bet they sell bait.
 Notice how thin the pier supports are. YIKES


  1. Don
    I hope he won't SUE you, for putting a picture of his house on the internet !! Send that to code enforcement..they will fine him $1,000 per day for living in sub standard conditions :-)) and send him a $4,000 tax bill for water front living. And $800 for a business license. In Calif "Alviso" a house like that will sell to a nice family for $200k

    check my blog, now I can bring Coffee and milk if you invite me for dinner. I got it down to under 3 cents per cup !!! and we can do 20,000 cups in one sitting. I'm stocked for when I hit the road.

  2. Looks like a rednecks house. Wow, those bugs are little devils with wings !!!! Keep Tigger safe and buy some bug spray maybe?