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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jacksonville Florida coastline

Your Ad Here We stayed at WalMart in Jacksonville last night and at the WalMart in Live Oak Florida the night before. I’m starting to realize that while walmart is a safe bet for the frugal, tired RV traveller, it is also a fairly busy, noisy place that has pretty lame scenery. Surprise right?!

I’m going to spend more time trying to find 'out of the way' places to camp that are still free but aren’t noisy or busy and have scenic views worthy of a picture or two.

Heading towards the coast on Rt 105, Tigger and I came across Huguenot park . They even have camping. This looks inviting. We pull up to the gate and the lady says she can’t let me in with a dog.

I suspect Tigger is getting an inferiority complex with all this dog hating.

Instead of turning around and leaving, I drove toward the far end of the empty overflow parking lot so Tigger could get out and go for a walk.

2012-02-07 10.44.37

Here’s some of what we saw…

2012-02-07 10.34.01

2012-02-07 10.32.43

 2012-02-07 10.34.18

2012-02-07 10.32.48

2012-02-07 10.32.59

2012-02-07 10.33.45

We didn’t see any birds wading but we did see THIS…

2012-02-07 10.44.48

"What is THAT" you ask? "I don’t see anything."

It’s our perfectly quiet, ultra dog friendly, amazingly free, super scenic, ocean-side camping spot for the day and possibly the night.
2012-02-07 10.45.05

2012-02-07 10.45.14

2012-02-07 10.45.25

2012-02-07 10.45.36

2012-02-07 10.45.44

Tigger wonders… “Why does the Jacksonville Florida park system hate me?”



  1. Nice spot Donnie. Dogs have it bad don't they. Poor Tigger. Give him an extra treat for the hurt feelings he must be having. Man's best friend indeed. I can hear the quiet from ME. Ma

  2. it was quiet until the park ranger came over and told me the gates close in an hour. We're at walmart now. LOL

    It's a nice quiet walmart though.

  3. Looks like it may be a nice quiet spot to hang out for the night!!

  4. Wondering if you are planning on Nashville on the way home?...Rene

  5. Darn, I was hoping that you would be able to spend the quiet night right there. Have a great day today in your travels. Mom

  6. rene I doubt I'll be heading for nashville. It's way off general route I plan to take ...and... I HATE country music. LOL

  7. I guess the View wasn't quite as hidden as you thought. Kind of like the ostrich! Glad you found a quiet WalMart.