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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Annapolis Maryland is my kinda town!

Your Ad Here 2011-12-11 16.09.27

This afternoon I was driving back from Staples (had to buy a printer) and saw this place. I had to turn around and take a picture! This isn’t something you’d see in NY state or any other Northeast state for that matter.

I wanted to buy some booze from a “beer drive-thru”  (who wouldn't?!) just so I could say I've done it... but at 10. 5 feet high, the Winnebago View was just too tall. Notice the height warning pole on the side of the building. Bummer. I couldn’t back out onto the busy highway so I had to turn the rig around. I needed 40 acres. I did roughly a 10 point turn and drove "out" the "in". This took a little while!

2011-12-11 16.09.44

Tonight will be our last night in chilly Maryland. It's 33 degrees right now. Tomorrow morning, I pick up the auction treasures (finally!) and we continue to head south. Warmer weather can't be but a few days away?

We hope to be in Las Vegas aroound the 19th to meet Herman and his mom.

Tigger says... "Hi everyone & we miss you Herman!"



  1. Hi little brother. Just checking in on your blog. I can imagine you are ready for some warmer weather as is Tigger. You are going to be doing alot of driving if you are hoping to be in Las Vegas by Friday. Cold as hell here but still no snow. YAY!!!!
    Take care....Rene

  2. Hey Rene, you're colder up in Maine according to Dan and Dad but it's still chilly here in the 30's.

    I'm not sure where Herman wuill meet me. We'll coordinate it better on his last day of wrok next week. He's going to fly to meet me, wherever I happen to be. It might not be Vegas but that is our ultimate Christmas destination.