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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Waiting on an auction in MD

Your Ad Here Tigger and I are parked in Lanham MD awaiting an auction that happens tomorrow. The items are from a huge radio station complex that evidently moved to a different location. What they didn’t take with them is what will be sold tomorrow. There are 100’s of top quality items to be sold.
The only downside to this whole deal is that the auction is online only and the only removal date is MONDAY!  So, if I win anything tomorrow, I either have to pay the onsite shipper big bucks to have it packed and shipped home to NY or camp out here in Maryland until… Monday’!

Here are a few pics I took today at the inspection. They always have a day prior to the auction for bidders to check out the items in person.

A neat 14 inch tall lighted studio sign.
2011-12-08 15.42.43

This is one of the “booths” where the on air personalities would transmit from. There were at least 10 rooms like this… all with ample amounts of quality audio gear.
2011-12-08 15.38.25

This is a Mackie Onyx 2408 recording console. It comes with the road case on casters too. I’ll be watching this one for sure!
2011-12-08 15.40.50

Tigger is happy to be out of the RV and running around
.2011-12-08 15.52.06

A room with a “VIEW”! This is one of the empty offices on the 8th floor. You can see the fairly private, level parking lot where we’ll be parked for the night. There’s no one around… so, running the somewhat noisy generator won’t be an issue.
2011-12-08 15.10.43

I'm watching  "Cycles South" on Netflix right now. It's a cool flick from the early 1970's about 3 guys who go on a cross country motorcycle trip. They eventually end up in Mexico. The movie is a fun window looking into another time.



  1. Hello little brother,

    Mom hooked me up to your blog. I'll be floowing along as you go. Alot different than the last time you traveled across the continent. Now you have maker, tv, movies, cell phone and some company with Tigger. Maybe he could take over and drive for a bit when you get tired. LOL
    Love ya

  2. Hey Rene glad you found me. Yeah, this trip is a lot more comfy than the motorcycle trip to Alaska. CYA!