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Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome to Texas

Your Ad Here We made it through Louisiana (that’s a BIG state) and are now hanging out in Canton Texas. It’s 52 degrees and cloudy. We are about an hour east of Dallas and expect to make it there tomorrow (or maybe tonight?)

Tooling along on rte 49 we came upon this trucker… or he came upon us, I forget. We were both going about the same speed… which is really annoying when you’re using cruise control and come up on slower traffic.
P1010310  P1010309P1010312 P1010313

According to the writing on his truck, his name was Greg. He was hauling cows and he was MOOOO-ving. He was running around 75-80mph depending on the terrain. Most big rigs don’t seem to ever go over 70mph.

Tigger and I tired of him “up in our grill” so we put the pedal to the metal and left him in the dust. CYA Greg! Yeah it gets boring on the road. LOL!

I was soon amusing myself by “getting Tiggers nose”. He likes it, I think.

Dallas, here we come!



At a gas stop, I saw this nice 4wd Sportsmobile camper van. At least I think it’s an actual Sportsmobile? These things are mega expensive and pretty small as far as RVs go. But, they do have a certain macho, apocalyptic, bad-ass appeal. They’re like a Volkswagen Westfalia Syncro on steroids!

Tigger tried to make some new friends but he couldn’t figure out where all the yipping was coming from. Evidently, he doesn’t know how to look up?

Here’s some random "Views from the road"…
That is a single tire on the back of the trailer! I wonder what it fits?

Lots of wood

A big pig on the roof of a BBQ
A big yacht
A tunnel somewhere in Louisiana

This is for the grandkids looking at the atlas with grammy B. See if you can figure out where we were just by reading this sign. Good luck! You can click the picture to make it bigger.

TIGGER SAYS… Are we there yet?”


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