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Saturday, December 17, 2011

At DFW Airport picking up my surprise

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Dallas is a big, busy city. 5 lane highways all jammed up with traffic. I set the GPS to take me to Dallas Fort Worth Airport and headed out. I knew that I should have ignored the GPS when it told me to exit the freeway. The signs for DFW airport told me to stay on the highway. I chose to trust the GPS and eventually ended up at the airports administrative offices on the outskirts of the airfield. Whoops!

Somewhere in Dallas

Tigger says... "I think we missed a turn back there?"

  nice security guard pointed the way. 6 miles of winding airport service roads later and I’m sitting here…
2011-12-17 12.53.58

Because the RV is 10.5 feet tall, I can’t park in any of the parking structures. I’ll just have to sit here and wait. Herman's flight from Detroit is due in at 2:45… about an hour and 20 minutes from now. Let’s hope security doesn’t notice me.

The plane arrives 3 hours later. Can you spot Herman?

Tigger is excited!

It wasn't long after leaving the airport, everyone was zonked out



  1. We have driven through Dallas/Ft. Worth two time in rush hour traffic, once on a Friday and just this week in the dark and rain. We swear we will never do it again. It is crazy. Unfortunately, the RV we are interested in is south of Ft. Worth and we live in OK. No way to get there without that mess.
    Good luck at the airport.

  2. Cathie we agree!


  3. Oh man, sorry, just have to throw my 2 cents in. Not ALL of the DFW area is horrible. I promise! Nor are we all truck drivers w/o mufflers. LOL. Please, any of you reading this... next time you're headed this way, passing thru or otherwise, let me know and I'll route you through some better sites. It's not the Hill Country of Texas but the DFW Metroplex isn't all bad. We actually have some nice things to offer. I promise. :)