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Monday, December 19, 2011

Flagstaff Arizona for the night

Your Ad Here Wow. Snow and cold at 7200 feet above sea level!

We left NY for this?!


A neat litttle shop with local art and real Indian food. Off the beaten path.
Fried bread with beans, ground beef and more. Deeelish!

The cheapest gas we had seen in the entire trip from NY to AZ

Huge diesel and gas price difference
7375 ft above sea level... no wownder it's cold and snowy!

Up around 7400 ft above sea level. 8 days ago in Florida, I remember being at 10 feat above sea level (according to the GPS). We've gone straight up about 1.5 miles since then!

We stayed at Walmart in Flagstaff last night. We awoke to a 28 degree temperature. The loud furnace kicked on and off all night. We didn't sleep well but we were at least warm. Our next RV will have a quiet heating/cooling system for sure! As the snow subsided, I talked Herman into driving.

Herman took the wheel for the 1st time! I needed a break.

This is a scenic site near the Arizona and Nevada border

Tigger says... "I'm scared! Should mommie really be driving?!"


  1. Mommie gonna make the RV hit the skidmarks on the side!

  2. Nice pictures! Glad you called us last night with news. I love hearing your voice! Hope you had fun last night "On The Strip" and share with us in pictures. I bet Sandy will be happy to see you all. Have fun all, Ma XOXXOOXXOXO