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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello from the Grand Crayon!

Your Ad Here Riding around in an RV is hard work evidently. I was amusing myself taking pics of Herman and Sandy as they napped. I have to do something to keep myself from joining them! Falling asleep while driving … now, that wouldn’t be good.
P1010780 P1010778

The Grand Crayon (that’s what Sandy calls it) is pretty neat for about 5 minutes and then you realize that no matter where you view it from, you’re basically going to see the same thing… a pretty grand hole in the earth. They force you to buy a $25 pass that’s good for a week. I really can’t imagine staying here a week. We stayed one night and decided that was enough. Plus, it is COLD here! It got down to 21 degrees last night.
P1010814 P1010812
P1010790 P1010789
P1010826  P1010823

There were lots of RVs and people even though we visited on Christmas day. Mostly Asians and Indians because they generally don’t celebrate Christmas. I can’t imagine visiting this place on a regular day!  We found a place to dump the tanks and get fresh water for showering and drinking. They also had a shower for $2 / 8 minutes. We all took advantage of that since showering in the RV is a bit of a pain in the ass.
  P1010818   P1010821

The 24.5 foot RV is smallish inside but it’s livable. Herman sleeps on the dinette, Sandy takes the futon/couch…
 P1010829 P1010828
…and I sleep up in the over-cab bunk with my treasure that I bought at a pawn shop in Vegas. It’s a 6 foot long, lighted Budweiser sign from 1968. They’re pretty rare and fairly valuable. It was marked for $599 (which was a steal) but I got them down to $500 (cash out the door). The manager was holding out for $500 + $40 tax but when I set the $500 cash in his hand and told him “this was it”… he couldn’t resist. I put it on ebay and expect to make a tidy profit when it sells in 7 days. Gas money!

A random pic from where we slept on Christmas eve.P1010759

Tigger says…  “Bring back my treats!”


  1. Thank you for these pics. I loved the one of Sandy and Herman looking out the RV window. Cold, my goodness, you could have come to Maine for that. A little more snow on the ground for a white Christmas. Nice. Enjoy your trip guys. Love you all, Mom XXOXOXOXO

  2. Hi Donnie, Herman and Sandy
    Just caught up on all I have missed on your blog. Seems you all are enjoying yourselves being tourists. Mom is right you could have come to ME and had the same weather. While the gas is a bit more expensive than 289 it is a shorter trip. Christmas was fun here. I surprised Dee with her new Android phone, Motorola Atrix 2. What are the BIG plans for New Years Eve? love ya...rene

  3. Chilly here in Quartzsite at night as well, but a warming trend is in place next 10 days.....70s daytime/40s night....

  4. I love the sound of that weather forcast in Quartzsite. I'll be right there. A wish. Enjoy your lawn chair dear and relax. Love ya, Ma XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  5. John where are you staying?

    Hi Rene, no plans yet but I do have a BIG BAG FULL OF FIREWORKS!!!

    Desert + fireworks = fun

    Mom , you would probably love the weather. All sun and in the 70's.