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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Views from the strip

Your Ad Here We took a $20 taxi cab ride from the RV park to the middle of the strip. The workers at the RV park din't recommend taking the bus because it's a long ride and not cheap.

The Bellagio watershow
Madalay Bay - we're staying here for the next 2 nights
Random view of Las Vegas
Another 2008 View in Las Vegas.

Oasis RV park. We stayed here last night.
A nice place to stay

Tigger loved the dog park
He sniffed and peed on almost every inch of that place

Inside the Bellagio
The view from Cabo Wabo patio where we ate dinner last night.

Lights lights lights
Cabo Wabo patio right on the strip.

We figured we'd try taking "the Deuce" back to the RV park. It couldn't be THAT bad right? It ended up costing us $10 (1/2 as much as a taxi) and took a good 1.5 hours to get back to the RV. We had to take one bus to the end of the strip, a 2nd bus to the transfer station and then get on a 3rd bus that took us within 1/4 mile of the RV park.  I think we'll spend the extra $10 on a cab next time! >;-)

They call it "the Duece" because it is a double-decker

At the transfer station awaiting the 3rd bus

Clean and well lit. Completely safe as far as I could tell

"Ummmm, I think we're lost!"


  1. Wonder if they'll let Tigger swim in the wave pool?

  2. Wow, nice pics. I would love to make this trip some day too. The strip looks interesting. And Tigger made his deposites too. Love you all, Mom XOXOXOXOXO

  3. If I'm not mistaken, the Oasis RV Park is so new, they just had an ad for help on Workamper News yesterday!

  4. John, I don't think it's new. It is a very nice park but seems established and slightly aged. $42 a night is reasonable for this area. We saw other places around $70 a night!

    Garret, it is a fun place for sure!

    Kyra, I don't think so. LOL.

    Ma, Vegas is definately a touristy place worth seeing.