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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mandalay Bay Casino

Your Ad Here We're roughing it at the Mandalay Bay resort/casino.

It's HUGE and quite a bit nicer than the Winnebago. >;-)

Hermans mom is flying in to Vegas from NYC tonight at 9pm PST. She'll accompany us for the rest of the vacation. Herman and Sandy will fly back to NY around 1/1/12 and I'll be on my own again. Tigger and I will probably head south for a while or maybe to California?

Here's our room for the next 2 nights and possibly more if we decide to stay in Vegas longer.


  1. Have fun guys! Personally I hated Vegas (was forced to go there for work a couple times), especially that piped in "fresh" air that ran through the strip.

    Just not my cup of tea but I know the glitz sure is appealing for many!

  2. Hey Guys - Have fun in Las Vegas! There is some much to do and see in that area. If you get a chance take in "O", the best in Vegas, IMHO. Also so, just for fun, go see Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas. Oh...and if you hit the big one, don't forget to share with me.

  3. So after I added that comment I ended up writing a new blog post which made me realize maybe Vegas isn't the problem at all.

    Maybe it's me. Ha! I crack myself up :)

    Have a great today!