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Friday, December 9, 2011

Sticking around in MD

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I ended up winning 3 items in the auction today. They're not huge so I can tote them around the country inside the RV without much hassle. If my research is correct, the items should sell within a week. I'll make a tidy profit... that will end up going in the RVs gas tank.

I noticed a nice AudioArts D-60 broadcasting console. The auction employees don't always know a lot about the things they're listing and sometimes they screw up. They mistakenly listed the power supply for the Console seperately.    DOH !

I was bidding on both the console AND the power supply. I ended up winning the power supply but gave up on the console when it hit $830. I didn't need it THAT bad.

~My new power supply~

I hope to run into the console buyer on Monday. He probably won't be very happy when he finds out he needs to buy the power supply seperately so he can use or resell his console.
~Not my new console~

Since the removal day is this Monday... I'm kind of stuck here for the weekend. No big deal. I'm close to DC and may go check go check out the capitol. 

It's supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow night! The coldest weather yet. Last night in the  it was in the 30's and the Winnebagos furnace cycled on and off every 10 - 20 minutes. It doesn't use a much of propane because I still have lots left.

Random pics...


Tigger is a frisbee master

Last nights free camping spot. Best Western (in the background) offers free wifi. I have been using it instead of tethering the cellphone.


  1. Do they know you're using their wifi? Or is there no password?

    Dang I need to get savvy about that stuff!

  2. Maria their wifi was unsecured... meaning that they allow anyone to use it. You computer or phone will generally show you all the wifi connections availible in your area, their signal strength and if they are secure or not. There's no savvy-ness needed. LOL! I've been using McDonalds free wifi today.

  3. Gotcha Don. But take the compliment.... beeeee the tech guy :)

  4. ok, ok... I'm the best!

    Do you promise to get my million views on video too?! Nice job on that over on Glenns blg.


  5. Page views: 1083 - Only 998,917 to go!

  6. Of course I'll get it for ya :) I'll start clicking refresh right now!