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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A view from a View

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A view from A View

An Itasca Navion pulled in last night. They slept in their RV in the hotel parking lot. That seems a bit ballsy to me since they weren't patronizing the hotel. No one bothered them though. I think for the most part, business owners tend to ignore the smaller RVs when parked on their property. We don't stick out like the 40 footers do.

23 foot long

I got talking with the owner this AM. He told me it's a 2006 & he bought it last summer for $66k with 35k miles. The 06 and 07 navions and Views are 1.5 foot shorter than the 2008 - 2012 models. That extra foot and a 1/2 really makes a difference. He asked about our RV and I told him it was an 08. He almost fell over when I said we bought it from a dealer in NY, with 16k miles for $49k.

from behind

He is buying a brand new Class B today. He didn't say why he was downsizing. You'll probably see his Navion on eBay soon. He didn't like the dealers lowball trade-in offer.


  1. That's cause you know how to get a deal! I might have to hire you to be my negotiator when my turn comes :P

    Though I'm thinking my entry price will have to be a lot lower. This mobile living thing is starting to sound a mite expensive.

  2. Maria, I know how to find a deal. I will say that!

    For the money, I really like the Toyota based mini RVs. They get good MPG and are cheap enough now that you cab buy the best ones for under $10k. Higher mileage, ratty-er ones for $4000 or so.

    It all depends on what you're looking for though. Some people want small class B sized rigs and some want larger.

    You let me know when you're ready to buy an RV and I will help you fidn the best one at the best price.

  3. @Don - thank you for giving Maria needed encouragement. You rock!

    @ Maria - it's just a matter of time. You can do this!

  4. DSD absolutely Maria can do it. Living alone in an RV is a bit daunting but you get over that pretty quick.