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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Your Ad Here I read about the BIG CHAIR on the internet when I was researching parks to visit. It is the WORLDS LARGEST CHAIR. 

The World's Largest Chair presented to Curtis Bros. for their outstanding leadership and service to the public by the Bassett Furniture Industries. The Chair made of solid Honduras Mahogany is 19 12/2 feet tall and weighs 4600 pounds. Dedicated July 11, 1959.
Designer: Leo M. Jiranek; Builder: J.E. Bassett

This afternoon, on the way back to Lanham MD, I happened to drive by this beast. I had to pull over and do the touristy thing. Here are the results.

2011-12-10 15.33.17

The BIG CHAIR Anacostia MD.

That chair must have been made for the Freeport Big Indian?! He's probably tired after standing all these years. Come down to Anacostia Maryland and take a load off Mr. F.B.I. !

The I wonder if the F.B.I. wears LL Beans BIG BOOTS!?


  1. A chair with gutters - Ha!

    I wonder if anyone ever fell in that boot and got lost? Or took up residence there? Like that old woman who lived in a...

    Well, you know.

  2. There might be a few critters stuck in the boot?! If you're ever in Freeport Maine, you MUST stop at LL Beans. They have such a fun shopping experience.


  3. I will! I've never been to New England but it's on my list :)