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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A couple nice-ities (necessities?) for the RV’er

Your Ad Here Netflix on the road is a great thing. Anywhere I have a cell phone signal, I can use Netflix. No need to tote along a bunch of DVDs or watch TV with it’s many commercials. How you ask? Well, my Samsung Infuse cell phone has an unlimited data plan so it doesn’t cost me extra to watch Netflix. The phone came with an HDMI adapter that plugs into the phone and then to the TV. Anything that is on the phone is instantaneously transferred to the TV. I open my Netflix app and choose the TV show or movie I want to watch, plug in the HDMI cable and BAM… I am entertained.

This next gadget is the coolest (pun intended) thing to ever be invented. It’s a portable ice maker made by Emerson. As I remember, we got it on sale at Target for around $100. In a very short amount of time, this little beauty can make a whole bunch of ice. And, who doesn’t like lots of ice in their drink?! So, I’m sitting here having a vodka & ginger ale (with fresh ice!) and watching a movie on Netflix. How’s that for “roughing it”?
Ice Ice Baby!


  1. Everyone should be so relaxed as you are tonight! Neat idea, that phone. What did you have good for dinner? We had those red hotdogs and curly fries. Take care dear, we are right there with ya. Ma XOXOXOXO

  2. We have an icemaker too just like that. It's wonderful. I just hate filling it all the time.

    My HTC Thunderbolt smartphone can't do Netflix. I think they do it that way so that my unlimited Verizon smartphone plan won't eat up the "unlimited"..... bastards.

  3. I'm not showing up as a follower nor is this blog showing up on my reading list despite me following it several times. Make sure it's not just set to accept Google Friend Connect only.

  4. Garret I see your picture icon under my 7 "members" on the right side of the blog.

    I just went through the blog editor and didn't see anything that would potentially limit who can follow the blog. I've left it totally "wide open"... even unchecking the boxes that suggest moderating comments before they're posted and I don't make commenters type those crzy words before posting.

    I did see this... "Your blog is open to all readers by default." I'm not sure why you aren't showing up on your end. I saw my blog on your blogs "blogs I follow" list and I see you listed as 1 of my 7 followers.

  5. If you google HTC thunderbolt and netflix, you'll see quite a few links talking about hacking the phone, allowing the netflix app to work. It might be worth a try?


    It's easier to comment as anonymous

  6. @Garrett - I can't tell you how many times I've added blogs to my reading list just to have them disappear. And also I'm not showing up as a follower (to me) on some blogs but I am to the blog owner. Google gremlins I think!

    Anyway, I ditched the reading list and now just bookmark blogs I want to follow in a "blogs I read folder." Problem solved :)


    PS If you sign into Google BEFORE perusing blogs you'll find it easy to comment as yourself.

  7. @Maria: I'm a blog owner too and very aware of how Blogger can be buggy but I've never experienced this in the 3-4 years. As far as my sign on, embedded comment forms don't work correctly from my jobs internet site even when signed into Google so I have to do anon or name/url. The odd thing too is that I saw this blog in the list of recent updates yesterday. Today, not so much.

    @Don: I killed my Netflix online subscription recently. I'm not sure if my phone can hook up to a TV. Plus the RV TV is ancient. Plus we haven't been RVing in a while. Plus... I dunno. :-)

  8. I love netflix. Use it on my computer a lot. I was interested in people's statements about not seeing the blogs they follow. Made me go look at the pictures of who follows this blog and did not see myself. Clicked on the sign in tab, it took me to the google site and asked me if I wanted to join privately or publicly. I usually say privately, as I am not quite sure what "public" means. So, I clicked on the public box and now see myself in your lineup of followers. Now I feel better! :))

  9. Garrett I think Cathie is on to something?!


  10. Crazy stuff. I'm following public but still not sure why the blog isn't on the blog role anymore. What a pain. Hopefully I won't miss any posts.