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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More thoughts on Quartzsite Arizona

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Overall, Quartzsite was a great experience. We stayed 2 nights in the free "HI JOLLY" campground area. It was quiet and tranquil. Every RVer that we have had contact with has been super friendly. There are a few whack job hoarders living in their cars in Quartzsite but they're easily avoided once you are aware of them. They think they own the McDonalds RV parking lot I understand.

Here's a few pics of the area where we stayed. There are no designated camping sites. You just find a level spot and set up camp. There are no hook ups. however, water, propane and dump station are all available about 2 miles down the road ahould you need it.

Tigger LOVES running around unleashed!
Sandy gets in on the action

There are surprisingly few rules here. The 3 rules we were told about are... 1. try to park at least 50 feet away from your neighbor (people like their space). 2. don't run generators after 10pm (most people ignore this it seems). 3. leash your dogs at all times (most people ignored this too). That's it! No other rules.

It looks barren in the pics and it is. But, it's a good barren. It's exactly the kind of terrain that you'd want if you were in an RV and looking for a spot to camp. ATVs are everywhere here. They're even allowed to ride on the local roads just like any other vehicle. I don't know how that's possible but it is.

Desolate? You be the judge

We bought a $7.50 pot at the dollar store and cooked our first meal ever in the RV. Beans and beef franks. It was delicious!

Herman cooks
Mmmmmm Beans & Franks!

There are some really cool and down to earth people in Quartzsite. Paul owns a bookstore and is a naturist (google it). He wasn't busy so we talked for a while. He used to be a professor at a Mark Hopkins collge in Brattleboro Vermont. He had frequented "the Ledges"... my favorite nude beach (in Wilmington VT).

The RVs vary from 1970's beaters to 2012 multi million dollar units.


The View at the BIG SWAP MEET. The prices are absolutely ridiculous here. Don't waste your time if you come. It's mostly junk you wouldn't take for free if it was sitting on the sidewalk with a FREE sign on it. I don't know how these sellers stay in business?

Part of Main Street. Lots of RV dealers here. Sandy had never seen the inside of an RV except for ours so she and I checked out a bunch. From 24 footers to 42 footers. She liked a 36 footer that was $169k.

 We are now in Yuma Arizona... The sunniest place on earth. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Yuma is the sunniest place on earth. Of the possible 4,456 hours of daylight each year, the sun shines in Yuma for roughly 4,174 hours, or about 94% of the time. The near perfect flying weather year round attracts military interest in training their pilots here. On average Yuma receives about 3 inches of rain annually.Herman and Sandy are staying at a hotel and Tigger & I will sleep in the RV. We're doing laundry on-site and get 2 free breakfasts in the AM.
Home for the night

Tigger says... "I just want to relax. I don't wanna have to do something or go somewhere all the time!"


  1. I love Quartzsite. Don't find it desolate or barren at all.

  2. Beans and Franks? Ewwww!!! There must have been something better to cook than that. Glad you all made it to Yuma. Looks like an interesting place and that you are all having fun. Even Tigger! love ya...rene

  3. Beas and franks are great Rene!

    Sassie I liked it too. You're there now? It must be getting busy.