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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

John on the road

Your Ad Here We met a fellow blogger (John) in the campground today. He's a helluva nice guy and very inginuitive. He outfitted a 6 x 14 cargo trailer to make it comfortable for "full timing". He has everything in it that you could need... except insulation and he's working on that.

Stealth to the MAX!

He not only has solar (for free energy on the sunny days), he has a wind turbine (for the windy days). He says when it isn't sunny, it's usually windy. That makes sense to me!
Nice rig!

Tigger says... "I LIKE THIS GUY!"


  1. No insulation??? Jeez, he'd better stay south or he'll freeze his whatever off!

  2. I told him that he's more brazen than we are... staying in a non-insulated rig in temps that routinely dip into the 30's.

  3. Great pics! Glad you guys met. Safe travels to Yuma and back!

  4. We must have passed each other on the road !! I left Yuma today and landed in Quartzsite this afternoon. Aw, Too bad we didn't meet.

  5. I love the shadow of the person taking the picture. Was that you?

    And you're lucky Tigger didn't try to stay... he looks really happy!

  6. Yup that was me... mr shadow. Tigger is enjoying himself fo sho!

  7. Ya, it was a great meeting! Insulation should have been the FIRST step to mobile STEALTH living!! Will git er dun!! DOH!!