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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the road – in NJ

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We finally got on the road today! Here's Tigger sitting in the passengers seat patiently waiting for our departure. If he could talk, he'd be saying something like... "Come on ! Lets go already!"
2011-12-07 13.35.20

It has rained ALL DAY making for a crappy day of driving. It’s currently pouring buckets here in NJ and windy enough that the parked RV sometimes moves. Sleeping will be nice with the soothing sound of rain on the roof. I love that.
I gassed up the thirsty RV in NY. Almost $4 a gallon. Yikes! This is crazy!
NY taxes suck! NY’ers say… “If you want tax relief… leave the state”. Albany NY just passed an 8% property tax increase! They were trying to get 19% but the citizens went nuts! They did everyone a “favor” and only raised taxes 8%. LOL! The legislature had to agree to override the new 2% tax cap. Why did NY even bother with a tax cap if it can be (and is) so easily overridden by the politicians who want to raise our taxes?!
I didn’t get a picture but here in NJ, I have seen $3.03 a gallon. I’m betting if I search, I’d be able to find gas under $3 a gallon.
2011-12-07 15.28.51

My furry copilot soon ended up horizontal on the floor. Evidently, it’s a very hard & tiring life riding around in an RV!
2011-12-07 14.38.15

I’m sitting here watching the Antiques Roadshow in HD. Amazingly, there are 48 digital TV channels (and 2 analog) to watch! All free and brought in with just the standard TV antenna that Winnebago installs on the View. I am impressed and well entertained!
2011-12-07 20.31.50

Tigger is quite content on his bed but probably wishes I'd stop waking him up.
2011-12-07 20.31.13

You can see my general location (state and city/town) by looking at the “widget” on the top right of this blog. You’ll see a little map with an icon of my photo showing where I am. This is real time and is somewhat accurate because it uses the GPS in my phone to locate me.

CYA tomorrow!


  1. I remember filling up our RV, 100 gallons at $4 per gallon.

  2. Sorry, was at work, that's from me... Garret. :-)