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Friday, December 2, 2011

TV - Done

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That's better! TV can now be angled up/down/left/right
and seen from almost anywhere when seated or lying in the RV

This Emerson 19" TV has a built in DVD so 
we don't have to use the battery draining seperate
Jensen DVD player to watch a movie. It only
weighs 8 lbs. That's 10 lbs less than the Jensen TV! 

From behind

The TVs power plug terminates inside cabinet.
It plugs into the 110v outlet when we're running the
 generator or on shore power ...OR... when we're running
off the coach batteries, a small 12v - 110v inverter is
plugged into the 12v outlet and the TV plugs into it.


  1. So what's the first movie you'll watch now that this way cool, upgraded, tv manipulating robotic arm device has set you free?

  2. I am free?!

    That's a good question. I'll probably fire up Netflix & finish up watching season 4 of "Breaking Bad".

    Love that show!

  3. I totally got addicted to 'Breaking Bad' and watched every episode.

  4. Sassie we did too. We didn't watch it until the 4th year it was out. I don't know how we missed Breaking Bad. I started watching it on "Nexflix streaming" and also got addicted. Surprisingly, Herman got on board too.

    Netflix streaming is the way to watch a TV show! Especially, a drama that's already 4 seasons deep and you haven't even seen 1 episode yet. Commercial free, pause, RW and FF is great too.

  5. Yes... free from standing directly in front of the dang thing or craning your neck to see the picture :)