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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random thoughts about South Carolina and Florida

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They sure do like their waffles in these 2 states. There's a "Waffle House" on almost every corner.

The roads are in great shape. Yesterday, I saw the highway crew tearing up part of route 10 readying it for repaving. Funny thing is... Northeast drivers would feel like they died and went to heaven riding on the road surface they were tearing up! I have to assume it's the harsh winters that make the Northeast roadways so bad?

Florida wisely puts millions of reflectors in it's roadways. They brilliantly designate the middle and sides of the roadway. Driving at night is almost easier than during the day! I imagine this really cuts down on car accidents. especially, during rainy night driving. Reflectors would sure help when it's dark & raining. You know when your headlights seem to disappear into the wet asphalt you can't tell where the road is?! That doesn't happen down here.  

Southerners must be really religious because roughly 1/2 of the usual 30-40 TV stations that come in on my TV are religious shows. I see churches everywhere. Not your normal churches either... many of these are just houses with a church sign out front. Maybe they've found a way to dodge paying property tax? Who knows?

Everything is cheaper down here. Hotels are $25-$40. Gasoline can be found under $3 a gallon. Cigarettes are $4.50 or less. 

The states rest stops are patrolled by security 24 hours a day. The well lit facilities are clean and top notch. They have vending machines, newspapers, picnic tables and ample dog walking areas. The Northeast states (especially NY) could learn a lot from the Southern states on how to run their rest stops.

And saving the best for last.... THE WEATHER?! Last night (near Mobile Alabama) was the first night since I left NY that my heater didn't turn on once. If you own an RV you know that the furnaces can be pretty noisy. if you sleep lightly, and it's cold out... you're going to be awoken multiple times throughout the night.

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  1. Loved your post this am. I bet the RV goes down the road quicker today after the washing! What has been the best thing so far on your trip? You will be seeing Herman and Sandy soon. All is well in Maine. I do envy that Rt.10. We live in pothole heaven here. Love ya, Mom XOXOXOXO