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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to Albuquerque New Mexico

Your Ad Here We made it from Vernon Texas to about 1/2 way through New Mexico. I drove 460 miles today. I am beat!

What is this? Are we finally out of Texas?!

Big welcome sign

N.M. has rolling hills. Texas was pretty much flat.


We stopped at a Boston Martket for dinner. We could see our breath tonight. It's in the 30's tonight. Snow on the ground in many places. And, the FOG was BAAAD! I can now understand how this area sometimes has 50 car pile-ups on the highways. The fog is THICK!


We decided that we would stay in an RV park with full hookups and laudry facilities tonight. This way, we can do laundry in the morning & run the small QUIET electric heater instead of the LOUD RV furnace. The park is more of a place where people live. They're not here vacationing or just passing through. Many dogs inside RVs and out. When one starts barking, they all do. I don't know how anyone would want to live here permanently?

Will post some pics tomorrow.

Night all!

Ranchers have some very ornate gates gaurding their properties


A nice little Airstream


  1. 12-19-11 8:09am Hi guys, how is the trip progressing? Looking at the map your well within your goal for Las Vegas! Hope you got lots o' sleep last night. How is Tigger doing with Herman being there too? I bet he was soooo excited! Love to all, Mom XOXOXOXXOXO

  2. Better head south and jump on I-10....weathers better down here along I-10.....just more snow along I-40!!

  3. Remember what I said about the snow? LOL Stay warm and rested today. Love to all, Mom XOXOXO

  4. We are doing laundry and headed west soon. It is snowing but not that bad. If it gets worse, we'll just find a place to hang out until it passes. They're calling for just an inch or 2 here in Albuquerque.


  5. Can't believe it's snowing there and not here!!! Sorry you are hitting snow but very happy it's not ME!! Stay safe you 3.

  6. Hey Don, doesn't sound like you'd ever be interested but if you travel back through TX, please let me know. I'll tell you the pretty routes. :)