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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Truck wash

Your Ad Here The View was getting pretty dirty. So, I punched a few keys on the GPS & found this truck wash not too far away.

2011-12-14 10.08.40

2011-12-14 10.16.45 2011-12-14 10.19.40 2011-12-14 10.23.57
These guys earn their money. They even washed the roof and promised not to pressure wash any decals off!

$30 sounds like a lot of money until you’ve actually washed an RV of this size. It's a lot of work!

About 20 minutes later, my wallet was $40 lighter ($5 tip per worker) but we were stylin’ in the shiny clean RV.
2011-12-14 10.50.15

Now, if I can get myself that clean tomorrow, I’ll be all set! To date, I haven’t showered in 3 days! LOL! Too much ground to cover to think about showering.

Tigger says... "Shhhhh, I'm trying to sleep!"

This is where we camped for the night. A mall parking lot. It was very quiet and peaceful after 5 guys closed. I parked next to the catering truck so I wouldn't look out of place.


  1. Eek... can't imagine the smell emanating from the camper. Pee-Yew!!! Show me to the nearest Marriot please!


  2. Pretty soon Tigger won't be sitting next to you at all. He will be sleeping with his nose covered. Time for you to find a LOVES that has a shower for humans....LOL