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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grand Canyon to Quartzsite Arizona

Your Ad Here Herman got behind the wheel for most of this 5 hour trip.

There's lots and lots of beautiful country out here!

These guys were having fun! I think the 1st bike was a BMW gt1300 like my friend Rays. It was 50 degrees. They must have been a little chilly.  

I have always wanted to see these big cacti (cactuses?) in person. They are cool, weird and almost alien-like. I tried to get Herman to pull over so I could get a picture with one but there really wasn't a safe place.

We were seeing more and more RVs as we neared Qaurtzsite Az. This little "BornFree" was well kept.

We saw this spaceship in Pheonix Az.

This is steam coming from nuclear reactors off i10 near Pheonix Az. These plumes are HUGE. The photos were taken about 10 miles form the highway with 16x zoom.

We made it to Quartzsite just as the sun was setting.

Quartzsite is a weird place. Lots of 20-something hippie type dudes with dogs begging for change and a many grumpy old men.

The busy part of town (near McDonalds) is an odd scene after dark. It's like homeless central with hoarders living in their cars and vans. Not that there's anything wrong with that... just don't do it at McDonalds and other parking lots where people are trying to conduct business.
We were parked behind McDonalds and herman and Sandy were inside getting Subway subs. While I'm sitting in the RV doing eBay on the computer, this old beat up white van backs in next to our RV... so close that we now can't open the coach door all the way. He revs his van up 4 or 5 times to let everyone know he's arrived. The stench from his untuned engine was enough to make a tree-hugger cry. I politely asked him to move over a little. He told me NO in so many words. Next thing ya know we're calling each other "asshole". I drove off at Hermans urging.
I went back this morning on my scooter and it's a different place. No obvious homeless vagabonds, no hoarders cars and no bums.

Today we all went to town to RV shop, check out the flea market and generally be tourists. After spending a few hours in Quartzsite, I had an idea for a new T-shirt...


  1. You guys are going to get here during some beautiful, warm weather. Cold at night, though, but calm and warm during the day. BLM land is free to camp on for 14 days at a time. Or $40 for 14 days at the Long Term Visitor Areas, which includes free dump station and drinking water.

    Enjoy Quartzsite! Are you staying long enough for the Big Tent the last week in January? If not, there are still lots of vendors here now, and more putting up their tents every day.

  2. We are leaving for Yuma tomorrow. Lots of America to see so we will move on. I will probably find my way back here after I drop Herman and his mom off in San Diego at the airport. They'll fly back to NY and I'll be on my own again.

    I like quartzsite. Most people are nice. I did meet one old nasty jerk living in his Van at McDonalds though. He parked so close to our RV that I couldn't open the coach door all the way. Grrrrr. We just left to greener pastures.


  3. Between your blog and BlackSheep's, I must admit, Quartzsite scares me a little. LOL. I like your idea for a t-shirt. Thanks for all the pics!

  4. Memories are made in moments like these. I agree that it sounds a little scary but I know you and it will be just fine. Enjoy this town and explore on your scooter. It is fifty here right now but high winds and rain. Those cactus look neat. Glad I don't live by the reactor tho. Have fun, stay safe please, Ma XOXOXOXO

  5. Ya man--welcome to Q-zite!! I got your note from last night, I'm at Pilot now -- 7am--but am set up in Hi Jolly.....waiting for daylight to come track you parked way over on south side next to a couple buds.....see the white cargo trailer with the wind turbine? Thats me!!

  6. Love the t-shirt idea! Photoshop something up and put it on CafePress... who knows :)

  7. I have to admit that before we left Quartzite, I rode by the jerks van and threw a cup of sticky sweet coffee all over his front windshield. It felt really good to do that. I'm sure he had fun washing that off. HAHA!